Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ethanol Issues

For those of you yet to encounter problems with the mandatory 10% ethanol in the gas will. It is now a must to have to go out and buy a ethanol gas treatment of some kind to keep your small engines running smoothly. If not....

1. The fuel and ethanol will separate causing the ethanol to rest on the bottom of the tank and where does most small engines draw their fuel from first...the bottom, so you end up with straight ethanol in your lines and carburetor.

2. Ethanol draws moister causing water to settle in the fuel tank

3. Straight ethanol will eat your gaskets, fuel lines and carburetor kits

4. Ethanol will pit the insides of your carburetor

5. Straight ethanol will pit the pistons, cylinder walls and more

As you can see...the person that decided to use ethanol in our fuel, never took into considerations the effects it would have on small engines across the board unless they are the ones that are actually manufacturing the additive.

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