Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Choosing Right Snowblower

The type of snow blower you choose will depend on whether your driveway is gravel or paved, large or small, or flat or hilly, as well as on the severity of your winters. Snow blowers come in three basic design.

Two-Stage Gas Snow Blowers:
-They are larger and can clear an area faster - with clearing widths up to 30 inches - than single-stage models.
-Have driven wheels, a snow-gathering auger, and an impeller to help disperse snow.


Single-Stage Gas Snow Blowers:
-They are smaller(21-inch clearing width for most) than two-stage models and take longer to clear a given area.
-Are lighter to push and turn, are less expensive, and store in less space that two-stage models.
-Reply on a rubber-tipped auger alone to gather snow, disperse it, and help propel the machine.

Single-Stage Electric Snow Blowers:
-These are even smaller (11 to 18-inch clearing width) than single-stage gas models.
-Cost even less and are easier still to handle and store than single-stage gas models.

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